Torsion Springs

Torsion springs are designed to apply or resist a twisting force. They are usually close wound without tension between the coils. Torsion springs can also be manufactured with two sets of coils "double torsion springs" wound in opposite directions. The two coils in a double torsion spring are connected and working either in parallel or independently. More

Form Springs

Form springs are parts made from round or flat raw materials that are formed to have specific angles and length. By applying special computer program our engineers are able to achieve required forces where it’s needed within allowable stress ranges. Nordia Springs manufacturing Form springs from many different materials to ensure proper strength and elasticity to meet customer’s application requirements. More

Flat Springs

Nordia Springs producing a wide variety of flat springs in different shapes from a wide range of raw materials. We are capable of designing flat springs that will act as retaining parts, electrical contacts, energy storing devices etc. More

Extension Springs

Extension springs are designed to create a resistance to a pulling force. They are usually close wound and Initial tension must be overcome by a stretching force before the coils will open up. Extension springs can also be made with open wound coils for applications that require zero initial tension. Extension springs often have hooks, eyes, or other interface extensions at the ends for connection to other devices. More

Compression Springs

Our product’s lines include many types of compression springs made of different materials and wire diameters within the range of 0.1mm - 16mm. The company engineering team offers design and consulting services including simulation and prototypes before serial production. More

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