Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

Economic policy:
Nordia Springs is motivated with strict focus and surveillance in manner of factory control. All aspects of production concerning quality, safety, security and operation are efficiently and determinably supervised. The company supplies springs to customers in Israel and in many countries worldwide. The company underlines efforts to find ways of increasing sales, and promotion and development of solutions and technologies to deal with the challenges posed by customers.

Dealing with crises:
The Company operates in awareness of responsibility and mission, and prepares the timely supply of all quality springs required to avoid situations of crisis.

Relations with customers:
Nordia Springs sees customer-related activities as most important value. Employees therefore, fully consider the possible consequences of their operations and understand the needs of customers in all stages of planning activities.

Cooperation with government agencies:
The company works in full cooperation and transparency in facing government agencies.

Nordia Springs is committed to meeting all regulatory requirements. The company adheres to strict procedures designed to ensuring quality within environmental change.

Nordia Springs is committed to efficiency and professionalism. Employees are required to act in accordance with professional standards in seeking best execution of tasks, whilst efficiently using existing resources in their possession. The employees bear full responsibility for all actions and deeds.

Compliance with obligations and keeping promises:
Nordia Springs sees great importance in maintaining compliance with promises and agreements. Employees are required to ensure timely reporting on any subject related to their work. The company requires employees to meet obligations and timeliness.

Risk management:
The Nordia Springs management works to minimize risks within the limits of the law.

Professionalism and reliability:
The company sees great importance in fostering a culture of steadfastly improving objectives. Employees are encouraged to expand their knowledge in the relevant fields of profession.

Company representation:
Employees represent the company in their behavior and appearance. Accordingly, employees are required to maintain written and oral performance involved e-mailing and social network.

Innovation and organizational learning:
Nordia Springs provides advanced solutions based on modern technology. These solutions require knowledge and professional personnel, where the company encourages the training of employees. Employees are required to share the knowledge and insights gained during their work. Nordia Springs promotes technological innovation by encouraging entrepreneurship and strengthening research and development. Employees take part in the elevation and development of new initiatives. The Company maintains cooperation and mutual correlation with academia and research institutions. The company encourages raising initiatives and proposals on optimization and improvement.

Nordia Springs sees great importance in maintaining public safety regarding Company operations and contractors. Employees are required to act in accordance with the law and safety and security of the public and the environment wherever they operate in. Employees are required to report the risk subjects, which can affect the safety of the public, employees, customers, contractors and suppliers.

Employees are required to provide best service to factors within the company and outside parties. The company caters to a full understanding of the needs of its customers and providing them priority. The company is working to develop services with high added values. All information quickly and accurately transferred by the Company to its customers. Nordia Springs and its employees are committed to rapid solutions of problems and malfunctions in any place and at any time.

Use of company assets:
Employees are required to make proper use of company assets and all equipment provided to them. Employees are required to be scrupulous about keeping the company's intellectual “know-how” in full confidence.

Information is an asset of the company and therefore employees shall use the information belonging to the Company as part of their work alone. Employees are required to keep the information confidential in all matters relating to the Company. Employees are required to ensure the confidentiality of clients, contractors and suppliers. Employees are required to ensure the implementation of the law on the prohibition or use of inside information. Company employees will use proper and honest information and disclose it only after receiving explicit authorization to do so from their superiors in the company. All data transfer should execute in accordance with the guidelines and respect to the content of information and distribution methods as accepted in society.

Conflict of interests and benefits:
Nordia Springs adheres to ethics and integrity. Employees are required to avoid situations that have conflicts of interest. There shall be no hiring out of information to private subordinates, suppliers or anyone else having a working relationship with the company. The Company's employees are strictly forbidden to accept gifts and / or favors from customers and suppliers. Employees should keep professional integrity and avoid taking advantage of opportunities or information for personal profit as part of their work.

Nordia Springs sees great importance in consultation with advisors, colleagues or any other experts before making a decision. We encourage our employees and managers to turn for any subject or matter to specifically relevant parties.

Contact with suppliers and contractors:
Employees are required to act impartially and fairly, and maintain honest relationship with suppliers and contractors. Employees shall choose their suppliers and contractors in accordance with criteria and professional standards. All negotiations with the company's suppliers shall be fairly administered. The Company recognizes the importance of relationship with the contractors and vendors and considers it an essential factor for the success of its mission. Therefore employees should make clear to contractors and suppliers the company's requirements and expectations. Nordia Springs is responsible for contractors’ framework and therefore have to make sure that everything is running smoothly, while providing support and guidance. The company employees are committed to follow all procedures in all stages of the contract, while ensuring compliance with all obligations to suppliers.

All employees and managers are responsible for reliable reporting related to their jobs. Employees are committed to comply with all provisions of law, regulations and requirements of the competent authorities, to cooperate with various government officials and provide information to the authorities exactly and timely. Employees are required to keep the records and full disclosure of all accounting operations performed by them. Employees are required to report immediately in cases where they suspect acts of fraud or theft.

Work environment:
Nordia Springs is working to maintain a work environment free of violence, harassment, verbal and / or physical. Employees are required to report to their superiors any case of suspected improper behavior or violation of the law. The company maintains guidelines for the prevention of sexual harassment. Nordia Springs is committed to transparency in data relating to environmental influences.

Equal opportunities:
Nordia Springs  adheres to equal opportunities and fairness in the process of recruiting, selecting and promoting employees in the company, and derides the existence of any kind of discrimination on grounds of religion, race, sex or nationality.

Cooperation and teamwork:
Nordia Springs encourages cooperation and teamwork at all levels. Nordia Springs company upholds cooperation between people as the key to achieving the company’s goals smoothly and efficiently.

Mutual aid and community responsibility:
The company will strengthen its ties with the community, and encourage volunteering through individual efforts and groups of employees for the good of the community.

Obligations and responsibilities of Management:
Company executives are required to act in accordance with high professional standards, while striving for excellence and continuous improvement. Company executives will serve as a personal example in the field of learning and personal development and knowledge sharing.

Excellence in management:
Company managers are required to carry out a measure and evaluation of their work processing routinely towards for organizational coaching and efficiency. Company managers encourage consultation within all ranks.

Responsibility for creating a safe working environment:
Company executives are required to act respectfully and fair to employees. Managers are personally responsible for maintaining employees’ safety, and they should set a personal example.

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